Why should you become a Certified Instructor?  Why should you come to San Diego on October 11?  Many find our SFG Symposiums to be moving experiences where you hear and feel the dedication that Mel and his teaching staff share with you.  Many find it a profound experience of learning the simplicity, ease, and common sense nature of Square Foot Gardening. Most see it as a way to help alleviate not only the worldwide implications of  hunger, but 24 other major world problems. Others get excited about the financial and business opportunities that will be available after their SFG Certification.

Here are just a few comments from our over 400 already Certified Instructors who have been to one of our symposiums:

“I can’t wait to get home and plant! Thanks a million!!” -Donna
“What an amazing wealth of information.  Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into making such a wonderful experience for us.  I CAN’T WAIT to get started.” -Monica
“Thank you to everyone.  You have inspired us as farmers and teachers.  We loved the Symposium and can’t wait to share our new-found knowledge with everyone!” -Eric from Zoey Farms
“THANK YOU ALL for sharing SFG with us.  You and SFG are amazing.  God Bless always!” -Karen from Church Hill, TN
“Over the years, much to learn, and still more to learn.  Thank you for a great Seminar.” -Pat & Connie
“We appreciate all the info and love in SFG.” -Pat and Maggie
“Mel, THANK YOU for your incredible system, your persistent enthusiasm, and determined vision for making a very important difference in the world.  A huge blessing to be included in the “inaugural class”! -John and Patsy
“Mel, Thank you so much for your knowledge of SFG that you share with us.  I have learned a lot.” -Ron
“I loved every minute of this great chance to learn such great things.  I think you are doing such a great thing!” -Linda
“The door of opportunity is opening…” -James
“Thank you for offering this SFG Certification and your enthusiasm!” -Jessie
“Thank you for all your hospitality and generous sharing of your time and knowledge with us.  You were all inspiring to us!” -Barry
“Mel, Thank you for making this certification program available.” -Bob
“Really enjoyed the symposium.  Looking forward to teaching.” -Donna
“Mel, We are going home and giving it our best to get SFG in everybody’s home. Thanks for this session.” -Wayne and Connie
“Thank you, Mel, for following your vision and offering future generations a way to end world hunger by teaching our children how to return to the Garden of Eden.  It is a privilege indeed to carry your message to the four corners of the world.  Infinite love and gratitude. May all be fed.” -Terrie
“Mel, Thank you for creating and sharing your SFG method.  I’m sold on it forever.” -Todd

Join us October 11-13 in San Diego! You could be our 401st reason why others should become SFG Certified! http://www.squarefootgardening.com/new/come-to-san-diego-oct-11-13-for-the-best-ever-3-day-symposium/