mel2Despite inventing a brand new, simpler way to garden, and then writing the largest selling garden book in America, most people are startled to learn that Mel is not a horticulturist and has never had any formal agricultural training.

Mel is a Civil Engineer, graduate of Ga Tech. After retirement from his own Engineering and Consulting Company, he took up gardening as a hobby. The only method offered back then was the traditional single row victory garden method which to an engineer was so obviously inefficient, wasteful, and just too much work.

After touring the country to ask all the experts why we use the single row method for home gardening and being told from Maine to California  “ …cause that’s the way we’ve always done it.”  For an engineer that is not a very good answer.  So he decided to invent a new way to garden that is more efficient, easier to do, and more friendly to the environment. He named it Square Foot Gardening. Mel then went on to write that famous book in 1981, Square Foot Gardening which sold over a million copies, created and hosted a PBS TV show for 5 years, then 3 more years on the Learning Channel and   Discovery Network and today presides over a non-profit SFG Foundation that encourages every household around the world to have a small garden, eat fresh healthy vegetables daily that are  uncontaminated with no recalls.

SFG is all organic and uses no fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides and best of all it requires no tools, no hard work, reduces water by 90% and HAS NO WEEDS     Read his latest book The All NEW Square Foot Gardening 2nd Edition, which has now boosted the Sq Ft Gardening books to sales of over 2 million copies and you will say what many millions of others have said… “I can do that”.


The Creator, Author, and Founder of Square Foot Gardening
Mel’s background and travels through life, so far!

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