All this week I will…

Week 13: I am open to new beginnings. It doesn’t always have to be the same.

Week 12: I’m going to be friend to myself with week. I’m going to treat myself as my best friend.

Week 11: Let go of yesterday and focus on today.

Week 10:  Smiles come easy today. Why? I know notice that every smile I give, and even bigger smile comes back.

Week 9:   How to be successful in any of your desires or interests…

1.     Declare your Destiny
2.     Chart your course
3.     Endure & persevere till the end

Week 8:  Become whoever you have always wanted to be. But start right now. You can do it!

Week 7:   I will give myself positive messages. In the past, some of my daily anxieties were self-induced criticism. No more.

Week 6:   Go wherever you always wanted to go.  Go as soon as you can for as long as you can. But go!

Week 5:   You can do it! Put your mind to it. But start right now.

Week 4:    I rejoice in my laughter.  I am alive with delight and wonder.

Week 3:    Not be afraid to speculate. I am daring enough to think differently.

Week 2:    Relax and take my time. I will slowdown and notice the beautiful world we live in.  Nature is very healing.

Week 1:     Use my creativity to become the best that I can be. I will resolve my own concerns.