The Only Book You Need

This is the only book you’ll need for best garden you’ll ever have in your life! Guaranteed.

When you want to start something new but you are not sure how, you probably get a book first. Well if it is gardening, this is the book for you! The SFG Method is so simple and easy, as well as so common sense, that we like to say in our lectures that a beginner can learn the basic system in just one hour!  An expert will take about three weeks!

Why So Fast?

The reason is because we have eliminated most of the detailed and hard to understand information about gardening. For example

  1. We don’t need or use fertilizer so you don’t have to learn all that NPK stuff. Or what- when- and why to apply. Mel’s Mix has all of the nutrients your plants will ever need – all organic – all natural– it’s all in the compost.
  2. You don’t have to dig up your existing soil so you don’t need any tools: shovel, rake, spade, fork, pick ax, and you will never need a plow or rototiller. That is money shaved in your pocket.
  3. SFG takes only 20% of the space of a row garden so now it can be located close to the house – easy access, easy care.
  4. You can even put your SFG Box right on a porch, patio, deck, or even roof top. You can’t do that with row, raised bed, or any other type of gardening method.

And it goes on and on – so many advantages, yet so simple!

In Summary

  • Build a Box
  • Fill with Compost
  • Add a Grid
  • Start Planting
4x4 Square Foot Garden

4×4 Grid – Ready to Plant!

The best part for you as a beginner is that this book has become the largest best-selling garden book in America and it did so for one big reason – the system works! If you read it and start your own SFG, you will say as millions of others have “I CAN DO THAT!”

And it’s all in this book – full color – easy to read – many pictures – many charts to lead the way to tell you what, when, and how. Once you have started, you could not find a better gift to give for the holidays then the all new SFG Book.