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Live the Love of Gardening

Visit us at to find all you need for your Square Foot Garden

October 07, 2013 Announcements
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Get Square Foot Gardening Soil on Amazon with Free Shipping*

Mel’s Mix is available on Amazon in 2 cu. ft. bags! Mel’s Mix is the perfect growing soil. It has excellent water retention and all

September 25, 2013 Announcements, Products
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Vermiculite Trial is Closed

Our vermiculite trial was very successful and is now over.  We are studying the market to decide if it is feasible and worthwhile. The product

September 06, 2013 Announcements, Products
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Oprah I Think You’re Wrong

My experience has been just the opposite of your recent statements.  You said you have not seen much advancement and acceptance of women in business.

August 30, 2013 Mel's Soapbox
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Vermiculite – More Information

I just wanted you to see the huge difference between our SFG coarse grade vermiculite and the store medium grade version of vermiculite.  Both are

August 09, 2013 Beginner's Guide, Products
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Our Very Own Coarse Vermiculite!!!

We now have coarse vermiculite to ship directly to you! FINEST COARSE GRADE This vermiculite was personally selected by Mel and is available for you

August 06, 2013 Announcements, Products
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All the Advantages of Mulching Your Garden

What is a mulch? A mulch is a layer of organic material applied to the surface soil of your garden.  You can use… Shredded Leaves Dried Grass clippings Wood

August 06, 2013 Beginner's Guide
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Let Me Ask You Some Questions, Part III

Based on all of the assumptions from the Analyze This post, and are you ready for the final 5 questions? If we only want a few things

August 02, 2013 Beginner's Guide
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