New Section For My Site

I want to start a new addition next week to my website. Last week, Kevin, my new internet guy here in San Diego won the interviews from our listing on Craigslist that Victoria posted, then interviewed during one of her visits here. Kevin was studying and learning the SFG system as fast as possible and he asked a friend to go to our website to see if he could learn about and understand how the system works.

Unfortunately, astonishingly and embarrassingly the answer came back, “No, not really.” He didn’t have the book and although there is a ton of information on our web site, it apparently doesn’t tell a beginner what SFG is about and how you do it in a clear direct manner. It is an excellent site for experienced SF gardeners – many have complimented us and we have won many awards but this was a revelation from a person just walking through the front door and wondering what is SFG all about.

Sooooooooooo, I am going to add a BEGINNER page to my blog and website to satisfy that need.  If it works, we can always move it to the main Square Foot Gardening site.   We’ll start you off with a twofer for this week, and stay tuned for part 3 next week!

Introduction to SFG

Why Did Mel Invent SFG?