How long would it take to solve world hunger? How long would it take to solve world poverty?

Well, we’ve been working on it for a zillion years and we haven’t solved it yet.  What’s the core of the problem? What’s the reason? Why hasn’t it been solved?

In my humble opinion, it’s because we keep giving a man a fish and we never teach him how to fish! Is it because he doesn’t want to learn, or is it because we keep giving him a fish because it makes us feel good? After a while, he thinks “I’ll just keep accepting these fish, it’s very nice of them to do that.  By the way, my neighbor is hungry too, I wonder if you’d have some extra fish tomorrow for him as well as for me?” So, the world’s solution to poverty and hunger is keep giving a man a fish. We’ve got plenty, we can overproduce, we can have our excess go to the hungry and that will solve every problem. And we will feel good. And their government will be pleased. Will this situation ever change? Will they ever get un-hungry? Never. Not doing what we have been doing.

Up until now, we had no alternate solution that was feasible, practical and sensible. The world’s solution was that those that were in the know and had the resources would go into a poor country and teach them how to do our method of agriculture. We’ve done it from our country for a zillion years and we’re still doing it. We’re sending them genetically engineered seeds to produce more crop. We’re giving them better fertilizers all the time, to improve their yield from their meager soil and land. We’re convincing them that they need the finest machinery that we have, and that they should plow up the land, as little as they have and as poor the soil is, enrich it with the best fertilizers we can produce, plant the most productive genetically modified seeds and farm just like we do. That’s our solution. It worked for us didn’t it?? Why shouldn’t it work for them?

It Won’t Work

The problem is, it won’t work in a 3rd world country. They don’t have the money, the knowledge, the experience, the land, they don’t have anything! Well, then we’ll teach them to garden – the old fashioned single row method like the Victory Garden. Well, some of us finally realized that’s no good either. It’s wasteful, harmful and at odds with the environment. But now, we have a new method. Made in the USA. It’s called Square Foot Gardening. It’s easily converted to Square Meter Gardening and has been proven to work anywhere in the world. Why does it work in a 3rd world country? Because we teach a women to garden and then she teaches her children. It’s all done with the Square Foot system.

It saves land, in fact very little land is needed. No machinery is needed, no fertilizer is needed, no tools are needed, no skills are needed, no knowledge is needed. Just a few regular old fashioned seeds are needed, and only 10% of the water of a Victory Garden is needed, yet it grows 100% of the harvest. Will that solve world hunger? It could – I think in 10 years. With probably 1 billion dollars. Then it’s solved – forever!

Today we’re spending how many billions of dollars every year to cure illnesses and feed the hungry and help them out with their dilemma. The problem is the dilemma keeps continuing. We’re not doing ANYTHING – not one thing – to prevent all of this misery, we’re just there to help the people through the trial.

You could compare it perhaps health. There’s two ways to be healthy. One is to prevent it, and one is to cure it. Medicine in the past has promoted mostly curing, and it’s a godsend – it’s wonderful. When you’re sick, there’s nothing like a doctor. Nothing like those pills and that medicine. But we’re gradually learning that you don’t have to be sick all of the time – maybe never! You can be healthy. If you learn how to eat properly, keep your mind in good order and avoid excess of everything, especially all of the sins, you’re liable to live a very long, healthy life. That’s what our method of SFG is all about. It’s how to be healthy, happy and non-hungry. The SFGF believes that EVERYONE in the world can learn how each individual can grow pretty much all of their own food in a very small space. Doesn’t matter where they live, what conditions there are, what their land is like, or what their circumstances are. Why, we can even put a SFG on wheels if they’re a vagabond or wanderer. I ask you to study this method with an open mind and an open heart and see if you don’t think that we can now solve world hunger. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. And please, sent this blog to anyone and everyone you know. Maybe someone in power will say “we could do this” and we can!

And we will with your help and support.

Best Wishes to all,

Mel Bartholomew
Inventor & Founder of
The Square Foot Gardening Foundation