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400 reasons Post Collage 4

400 Reasons Why

Why should you become a Certified Instructor?  Why should you come to San Diego on October 11?  Many find our SFG Symposiums to be moving experiences where you hear

Less Than Six Inches 16

Q: Do You Have to Have 6 Inches of Soil?

A: The answer is “Nope!”  I’ll show you how to grow your plants in only four inches.  These are some of my first experiments with

September 07, 2012 Beginner's Guide
spinach-popeye 0

Square Foot Spinach Recipes

I Hope You’ve Been Growing That Spinach Because I have some recipes for you that are delicious!  Below you’ll find one full recipe from the

August 18, 2012 Beginner's Guide
popeye 0

Learn From Popeye and Eat Your Spinach

Are You Growing Spinach Yet? I recently bought a big package of nothing but spinach.  Beautiful, brilliant dark green – looks so healthy that I

August 11, 2012 Beginner's Guide
squeeze-more-post-two 5

Another Creative Way to Squeeze More From Your SFG

Summer’s almost over, school is coming soon, hope you’re all planting a fall garden.  More information over the next few weeks.  Here are two jokes

August 09, 2012 Beginner's Guide
thingstodo 8

The Fall Gardening Checklist

I hope you have read my first and second posts in the Fall Gardening series, but if not, go ahead and take a look!  Here

August 02, 2012 Beginner's Guide
fall 13

How To Plan A Fall Square Foot Garden

Last week I suggested that you start thinking about what plants you want to grow in your fall garden.  I’m sure by now you know

July 28, 2012 Beginner's Guide
Say Goodbye To Fertilizer 0

Fertilizer? What’s Fertilizer?

When I tell people that you don’t need fertilizer in Square Foot Gardening, they say, “What? Unbelievable! You can’t grow plants without fertilizer, the soil

July 26, 2012 Beginner's Guide
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