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Extra Carrots From Your SFG 14

Squeeze EVEN MORE Out of Your Square Foot Garden

Today we’re going to do something a little bit different on the blog.  Kevin, the tech and marketing guy for the Square Foot Gardening Foundation

August 03, 2012 Dear Mel
punaluuSFG 16

A Simple Trick for Thwarting Termites

How to Defeat Termites in Your Square Foot Garden I recently got a comment on my blog from Linda from Florida who was having a

June 11, 2012 Dear Mel
tomato-hornworm 15

More Pets and Pests

I received a lot of mail on our recent post, Gardening with Pets and Pests and most of it was about different animals or problems

May 10, 2012 Dear Mel
Flowers in Garden 9

Why Add Flowers To Your Veggie Garden?

This is a question that I get from many people whenever I do lectures or talks around the country.  They ask me, “Why should I

May 03, 2012 Dear Mel
Pat and Connie Lahr 3

Entitlements III

Here’s a brief note on the conditions in Haiti and the effect of free food in Haiti sent to me by Connie.  I wrote about

April 24, 2012 Dear Mel
dear-mel 4

SFG on World Food Day

This is a letter the Square Foot Gardening Foundation received from a student at BYU: On the 14th of October, here at BYU, there was a

April 11, 2012 Dear Mel
dear-mel 2

What’s Wrong With The French Intensive Method?

We had a comment recently from Linda, who said: Mel, I’m landing on your websites and discovering Square Foot Gardening, which is very similar to

February 24, 2012 Dear Mel
dear-mel 0

Dear Mel: SFG Down Under?

I’m introducing a new section on my site called Dear Mel.  Ever since Dear Mel: You’re Off My Christmas List! got so many responses, I thought

February 18, 2012 Dear Mel
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