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Your Friend, The County Agricultural Agent

Your county County Agricultural Extension Agent is your friend. Their staff, including their Master Gardeners, all have the answers to just about any problems you

September 19, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Free Fish!

Yes Free Fish! No not to eat, not to put in your aquarium, but to put in your swimming pool, pond or water fountain. Why?

September 11, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Last Week of Summer – WOW!

Where did it all go?  I hope you accomplished, enjoyed, and were rewarded with all that you did these past three months.  It’s time now

August 29, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Could You Carry Forty Pounds of Water for Three Miles?

If you had to walk three miles to get your garden water, would you use the old fashioned traditional single row gardening method that takes

July 20, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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How to Live to Be 90 or 100?

I watched an interesting TV show last week about how to live to be 90 or 100.  Apparently it was more than just some scientist’s

July 14, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Why? Please, Tell Me Why!

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store and buy a huge basket of lettuce, would you? That’s a 20 ft. row planted the old fashioned

July 13, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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I received a new letter from Mark, one of our best certified instructors from Orange County, California.  Mark gives many talks and workshops to all

June 07, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
Solve World Hunger With SFG 8

How CAN We Solve World Hunger?

How long would it take to solve world hunger? How long would it take to solve world poverty? Well, we’ve been working on it for a

May 27, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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