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Entitlements and Cigarette Butts

A Bold Idea What if? – What if whenever anyone helps another that really needs and deserves it, something goes with that help, that you

November 28, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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A Horrendous Storm

Last night, we had a horrendous storm. It moved in within just a few hours. There was no sunset and by evening the rain and

November 11, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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SFG – Greener Than Green!

GO GREEN! When you grow your own food, right outside your back door, you help eliminate the following: Cost of Food – That’s extra money

November 11, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
citystreet 2

Is There Hope For Our Country?

Despite all the news about our youth generation in today’s news, (I think you know what I mean), here’s a little story that will make

November 05, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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Soap Box #2: SFG Can Change the World!

Just Picture a Gardening System that Produces 100% of the Harvest: World Problems Less Water – Less Land – Less Work Yet it produces 100%

November 05, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
It Starts With Radishes 2

Can Radishes Solve World Hunger?

Let’s take this real slow now, and please stick with me through the explanation.  Please don’t be thinking like, “Yea, but…” or get ahead of

November 01, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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Give a Man a Fish – WRONG!

My Philosophy I have been encouraged to start a blog to share my life’s lessons with you for whatever they’re worth, and to encourage others

November 01, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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