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Gardening World Wide Founders 5

SFG at Work in Haiti

I’m so excited to share with you today about SFG’s impact in Haiti!  Wilky Estinvil, Yvette Papillon, and Pat Lahr’s organization Gardening World Wide has

September 10, 2012 Announcements, Photos and Videos
Suzy at Thanksgiving Point 5

A Look at Some SFG History

A New Idea for My Blog I’m testing out a new idea for the blog – audio and photos to help describe some of SFG’s

June 11, 2012 Photos and Videos
Vic's-Garden--5612 2

Victoria’s First Garden in S.C.

The CEO of our Square Foot Gardening Foundation just recently moved out to South Carolina and set up her Square Foot Garden. I just saw

May 07, 2012 Photos and Videos
Pat and Connie Lahr 14

Who Needs SFG the Most?

Haiti would certainly be right up there.  The different times that I have been to Haiti I kept finding neighborhoods that were even poorer than

December 29, 2011 Photos and Videos
introtosfgvideo 0

A Philosophy of Life

Enjoy clip five in my series about beginning Square Foot Gardening. Stay tuned for part six later on next week!

November 28, 2011 Photos and Videos
Jim-of-Draper-Utah 7

A Lush Garden in Only Four Inches of Compost?

Square Foot Gardening Photos and Videos You can tell how old this photo is.  Black and white and I look a little younger, don’t I? 

November 11, 2011 Photos and Videos
My original SFG, before the book and tv show 15

The First Ever SFG

Before the Book – Before the PBS TV Show This photo is of my very first experimental Square Foot Garden back in Old Field ,

November 05, 2011 Photos and Videos
Mel Bartholomew's Collection of SFG Media 2

Square Foot Gardening Media

30+ Years of Photo and Video I would like to share some details and descriptions of all of the photographs and videos I have in

November 01, 2011 Photos and Videos
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