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How To Choose a SFG Box

Welcome to a guide to choosing which SFG box is best for you.  In this photo-guide, just follow the steps.  However, steps 2 and 3

January 21, 2012 Products
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The Story of SFG Books

I had mentioned the original SFG book back in my Products #4 post.  Since then, a lot of people have asked for a little more

January 21, 2012 Products
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SFG Book Package

The Purpose of The Original SFG Book The original SFG book was published in 1981 and received a new front and back cover in 1985. 

December 09, 2011 Products
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Introduction to SFG Video

Start At The Beginning Watching this video will be just like coming to one of my lectures. Suzie and I will take you from the

December 02, 2011 Products
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Original SFG Book

The original method and book was  published in 1981, quite a few years ago. The current version of that original book and method, was published

November 22, 2011 Products
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The Only Book You Need This is the only book you’ll need for best garden you’ll ever have in your life! Guaranteed. When you want

November 11, 2011 Products
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A Visit to the SFG Store

I’m going to our Square Foot Gardening Store and see what interests me today. On my first blog, I asked you what your reaction to

November 05, 2011 Products
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