If you had to walk three miles to get your garden water, would you use the old fashioned traditional single row gardening method that takes 10 times  as much water as a Square Foot Garden?  Well here’s a picture of a lady, in Guatemala that we saw carrying a five gallon bucket of water on her head.

When asked how many kilometers she had come, she explained and our interpreter worked it out to be three miles to carry that water for their garden. Now you already know that Square Foot Gardening only takes ten percent of the water. So why would we want our government and all of our gardening experts to still be teaching you to use a gardening system so antiquated that it needs one hundred gallons, instead of one that needs only ten gallons to get the exact same harvest? Why is the White House planting an exhibition old-fashioned inefficient single row garden that takes up five times more space?

Plus, all the other disadvantages of row gardening, like all the tools you need, the work it takes, the water, the seeds and everything else. Why? Why are they still teaching that? Is it because of the answer I got thirty years ago when I traveled the whole country asking all the experts why we still garden with single rows, planting a whole packet of seeds in each row and then having to thin out ninety percent of those seeds? Why do we have three feet between each row when the plants are spaced maybe four or six inches in the row?

The answer I got from every single expert from Maine to California, from Florida to Washington, was “I dunno, that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Now these are what we call the experts?