Here’s a brief note on the conditions in Haiti and the effect of free food in Haiti sent to me by Connie.  I wrote about Pat and Connie previously in my post, Who Needs SFG the Most? I also wrote about the effect of free food and entitlements in these two posts (1, 2).

Dear Mel,

According to my friends, prices for medical attention and medicines has risen greatly in the country after so many experienced free just after the earthquake. Doctors and pharmaceutical suppliers have left the country, or raised their prices, so that they can sustain themselves in this free economy. The same is true for the free food sources, now more than ever, although some would say that was also true in the past in that the people are lazy when free is available.

Although the Home Garden concept is still the best to reach the people, it has to have good possibilities including the source of water, the space, and the development of good soil. The people work for what they eat giving them pride and joy with the ability to grow some nutritious chemical-free food for themselves and their families.

Connie, February 4, 2012