Got A Question? Who and How to ask a Question Part 2   Read “Square Foot Gardening 2nd Edition” First – PLEASE

Part 1 said it’s OK and perfectly normal to ask a question. BUT- First, read the book.  PLEASE! Then if you can’t find the answer or it’s not clear, Then, ask the question.  Authors love questions, don’t get me wrong, but they hope the interested follower will at least first read the book and then if they don’t understand something or have a particular situation that wasn’t answered in the book, THEN any author loves to get and answer any question about their subject.

13 Thin to Directions on Seed Packet                                              Flowers next to Bib lettuce 500 dpi x 370 kb

Well, let’s go on to your question. You are out in your garden, it’s all ready to plant, you have your seed packets or a 4 pack of transplants. You want to get started so you want to know, for example, how far apart should you plant leaf lettuce?  You could say it must be in the book, so you take a break and I’ll be darn, there it is in the index and in the individual Plant Profiles, actually in two places. There is a quick and easy chart of all plants on just one page and also more details in the 2 pages of detailed information, just about lettuce. You could whip out your smart phone and just search your question on Google. And, of course you will get opinions and information from many sources that pertain to single row gardening all the way up to Square Foot Gardening. So, be a little careful there. For example, if you asked how far apart you should plant leaf lettuce, many different sources would say 6” apart. Seed companies would say thin to 6” apart. An educated SFG would say 4 per Sq Ft.

You know now that means in between your grid, in one Square, (that’s just one of the reasons we insist you have a grid) do the Zip Zap and plant one transplant right in the middle of each of the 4 sub squares. Or, if planting seeds, still do the Zip Zap and poke a shallow hole with your trigger(excuse that word) in the center of each sub square and drop a pinch (1 to 2 seeds) into that shallow hole, smooth over the entire surface , water with a fine spray and you’re done. Takes about 1 minute.  And of course, last but not least, you could actually go over to the fence and ask your neighbor. That could be dangerous or lengthy or both.  So, there are your choices. But, I’m glad you came to my blog, because I just gave you the official, simple, easy, quick answer that you need to know and will remember for the rest of your life. Why? Because, SFG works and is so simple and common sense. Next, part 3. Would you like an answering service you could call from anywhere and at a moments notice?