Last night, we had a horrendous storm. It moved in within just a few hours. There was no sunset and by evening the rain and wind were in full force. The storm sewers were overflowing, the streets were flooded…so I decided to take a walk.

I walked along the paved walkway overlooking the ocean, (hint at where I’m at) and there were no surfers out there (another hint). In fact, there was no one else out walking. But, what a display the ocean was making, crashing onto the shore in wave after wave, larger than I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t imagine why the surfers didn’t know about that, or challenge them out there. But, they weren’t. Even the few homeless people were not at their usual locations with their sign which always asks for donations.

Unfortunately, some of them are always smoking, and I think to myself, “I’m not going to donate to your bad habit.” Is that being judgmental or not? I also noted that there were few people in the stores and in the restaurants. In fact, the restaurant I decided to go in for dinner had only a handful of diners, however many that is. How many are in a handful? Does anyone reading this blog know?

Then I thought of how much the weather affects business. Almost every business you could think of. For the restaurants, think of all the extra food prepared and ready for a big crowd; think of the preparers and the servers who came in hoping for a rush of patrons that they would need to handle on a big night. The patrons were all staying away because of the weather. Now, think about the meager wages that the servers were going to earn tonight. And then, all the food the place had to order, and prepare, for the expected crowd. We tend to think today that our lives are more or less isolated from the weather, but not so.

Of course back in the old days when everyone had a farm or a homestead, your whole life revolved around the weather. But, Mother Nature had the last laugh. This morning dawned bright and beautiful, with a blue sky, full sun, a glorious day to get out and enjoy. What a difference just 12 hours can make. Think how that can also apply to our lives. When they seem the darkest and the most discouraging, a bright light is just around the corner. If we could only remember that, we wouldn’t have to worry and fret so much when times seem a little tough.

— Header image courtesy of a writer afoot