Let’s take this real slow now, and please stick with me through the explanation.  Please don’t be thinking like, “Yea, but…” or get ahead of me.  We are going to use radishes merely as a starting point and build on that.

First, I’m going to tell you why I like radishes, especially as the best vegetable or plant for most people to start with – especially children.

  • Big seeds
  • Easy to handle
  • Well recognized
  • Easy to grow
  • Require little space
  • Colorful
  • Attractive
  • Big results
  • Fastest results in town!
  • Common
  • Cheap
  • Plentiful
  • Good for science experiments
  • Few pests
  • No diseases
  • Root crop
  • Surprise when harvested
  • Excitement and anticipation of size
  • Comes in all colors
  • Available everywhere
  • Well known

What If?

What if suddenly – overnight – Bill Gates said, “Mel, I will give the SFG Foundation enough money to give every family in my town a 12”x12”x6” deep SFG box filled with Mel’s Mix and a packet of 40 radish seeds, along with some directions.  All shrink wrapped, ready for delivery.”

The SFG Foundation had already contracted from the manufacturer such a box, which would cost only $1.50 to make and $1.50 to fill with Mel’s Mix and 10c for seeds with directions.

Then by adding a $1 donation to the foundation for all of their other humanitarian and educational projects, and another $1 for distribution it would only cost $5×210,000 people in Bill’s city divided by an average of 3 people per family.  So that would equal a total of $350,000.  That’s about 1/3 of a million dollars.  Bill and his wife gave away in the last five years over $3,500,000,000 which is about equal to 1 million more cities the size of Bill’s.

But then you know right away what will happen.  Warren Buffet when he hears about this, says “Wait a minute! Instead of me giving the US Government more taxes like I have recently suggested (I’ve reconsidered and that really was a dumb idea) I will give the SFG Foundation enough money to supply every household in my state a SFG radish box.  Then that snowballs into the next president saying “As part of our new save energy and be green program that I am going to propose, we will distribute one box to every family paying less than $5,000 in income taxes.”

Now, throughout the private commercial enterprise system, the cost of the boxes can be cut in half the first year, and then using non-union, homeless retrained workers, the cost is cut to only $2/box, distributed for almost free by the USPS for another $0.25c instead of the original $1.00 to help their simplified, reorganized save the post office plan.

Going Worldwide

The SFG Foundation accepts a 10% tithing of $0.25 instead of the original $1.00.  Now they will have enough money to go worldwide with the radish box idea.

Let’s see what that entails.  We’ve just reached 7 billion people in the world, divided by 3 per household, times $2.50 and we’ve just heard that FedEx and UPS are competing to offer free delivery to every corner in the world as seen in their new TV ads.  All that is going to equal around $6 billion US Dollars.  Other big events comparable are (find 3 big ones that are silly)

Back to the ranch!  If everyone in the world plants and grows 16 radishes in that box, they will never, ever have to grow and store, ship and sell, radishes ever again.  Those bright, big, red, perky, crisp radishes will be eaten everywhere in the world, at almost 0 cost after being amortized over a year or two.

The Effects

  •  The grocery store won’t have to store and supply in refrigerated space radishes
  • The shipper won’t have to handle and transport in refrigerated trucks radishes
  •  The wholesaler won’t have to inventory and buy in refrigerated space radishes
  • The grower won’t have to plow up, fertilize, water, insecticide, harvest, use any land and valuable fertilizer for radishes
  • The roads won’t be clogged with as many trucks, noise, pollution, support facilities, police, traffic lights, etc all because of radishes.  Now everyone in the world can grow and eat all the radishes they want at no cost whatsoever.

But wait, there’s more! As they say on TV, “If you order your box right now, we will double your offer!” And everyone can now grow an additional box with four heads of lettuce.

The best thing about SFG is when your plants are ready to harvest, you just add one handful of your homemade compost (that’s another story all by itself that will clean up the earth, reduce landfills, stop global warming, elect a new president in every country) and you grow another crop of let’s say, any other vegetable, or why not pretty flowers this time to make the world a better place for all. Now can you see the future of those radishes.

The End Result Could Be

I know the above is all a little tongue in cheek (hope you laughed in the right places)

But seriously folks, just visualize now if every family had a 4’X4’ box with 16 sq ft instead of the  one radish sq ft they started with in the story.  Just imagine the results of that.  And then enlarge your vision to every person in the world having their own 4X4, why they could actually start feeding themselves and we would have ELIMINATED World Hunger!  It can be done.  That is my vision.