I watched an interesting TV show last week about how to live to be 90 or 100.  Apparently it was more than just some scientist’s theory.  They have interviewed and collected data from those that were well over 90, asking them, “Why do you think you are living this long?”

Then they processed all of the answers and came up with some rather interesting, perhaps even startling, answers.  The number one answer was to have a plant-based diet.  They didn’t say, “No meat!”, they just said plant-based, so it is the majority of their diet.  Where could we find a plant-based diet?  Right outside your back door in your Square Foot Garden!  If you live outside of the USA, it will still be outside your back door, but it will be a Square Metre Garden!  Yes, we’ve converted square feet into square metres, and found that it works almost identical.  The squares, instead of being 12 inches, will be 30 centimeters.  For a children’s 3×3, which if you recall is a square yard, would convert identically to a square meter.

The goal of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation is to have at least one SFG outside every back door for each person in a family.  Kids grow their own, learn how to become self-sufficient and eat a healthy diet, helping them to live longer.

The 2nd answer was to have an active and physical life, full of exercise and activity at least three days a week.  I would expand on that to say that every single day should be active.  We should get out of the house and walk to a destination. Depending on your ability and the terrain, you can make it pleasant but slightly challenging in either speed, length, or incline.

The 3rd answer was a bunch of things not to do.  No coffee or tea, no alcohol, no tobacco.  We have to decide within our own lives whether we can live this way.  Most people, once they decide they want to live a long and healthy life, have no problem giving all of those up.

The last item, which is the hardest to measure, is family genes.  There’s not much you can do about them once you’re born, but using whatever your genes your family has, you can improve on that for your future family generations by becoming serious about the above three goals.

I’m going to try it…how about you?!