Do You Make Any Of These Gardening Excuses?

Excuse 1 – “I have no room.  My yard is too small, I have no yard.”

Square Foot Gardening requires very little space; 80% less than conventional. Can be done in as little as 4 feet by 4 feet, or 2 feet by 2 feet. Can even be done in a planter box on the patio.

Excuse 2 – “I don’t have a tiller or other garden tools.”

Square Foot Gardening requires no tilling, not even a shovel is necessary. (Just think of the peace and quiet of not having to run a noisy tiller.)

Excuse 3 – “I’ve never been successful at gardening, or I’ve never gardened before.”

Square Foot Gardening is so simplified and easy that even 4th graders in many schools are learning it in their science class.

Excuse 4 – “I don’t have time.”

Square Foot Gardening is so much easier and as it is done in a smaller space; it requires much less time. And, the time spent is positive, peaceful, and relaxing. The very thing that people who “don’t have time” need: to unwind, reflect and collect their thoughts.

Excuse 5 – “I hate the weeding and the work.  I can’t get any help.  It’s just not worth it!”

Square Foot Gardening has no weeding, no heavy digging, no tilling, Square Foot Gardening is so simplified that only the enjoyable aspects remain. So therefore, NO WORK!, Just enjoyment.

Excuse 6 – “It’s too late in the season to get started.”

Square Foot Gardening can be started any time.

Excuse 7 – “My soil is too poor to grow anything.”

Square Foot Gardening uses an easily prepared soil mixture that replaces your “bad soil”. It can even be done on gravel, concrete, or a patio deck.

Excuse 8 – “Gardens use too much water.”

Square Foot Gardening uses only about 20% of the water required for traditional gardens

Excuse 9 – “I’ll be moving and I won’t be around for harvest.”

Square Foot Gardening can be done even in a planter or a tub that is 6 inches deep.

Excuse 10 – “I just don’t want to.”

Square Foot Gardening can actually change your mind about that too. Just give it a try, plant the seed (pun), work at it a little (a little is all that is needed). You’ll be amazed at the results.

P.S. – Square Foot Gardening can be all organic and is self sustaining.

Square Foot Gardening Foundation