Where did it all go?  I hope you accomplished, enjoyed, and were rewarded with all that you did these past three months.  It’s time now to start thinking about the fall  and that makes me think about a fall garden.

It is absolutely the best garden you’ll have of the year.  It’s easy to start now, the seeds sprout quickly in the warm weather, but they never go to seed like in the spring.  The weather slows down and cools off and the harvest lasts much longer through the fall.  Most of our experienced SFGers can have a fresh garden salad with just a little protection.  Some can go even into Christmas!  That’s a real challenge and accomplishment.  You’ll be the only one in your neighborhood still eating fresh greens when the snow starts flying.

If you’re fairly new to gardening, I would strongly urge you to start a fall garden…even if its just one box.  To help you, we have a special offer.  We have a new partnership with the Jung Seed company and we’ve put everything together.  All of the what, why, when, and where you need to know for you to plant a 4×4 fall garden.  We’ve even gotten the seed company to give you free shipping!  I hope you’re all considering coming to San Diego to meet me and the teaching staff for one of the best 3 Day Symposiums we are ever going to have!  We’ve got the right place, the right people, and the right subjects.  I’m going to prepare another post for next week that will give you 400 reasons why you should come.

I’d like to give you two jokes to end the summer and one of my favorite affirmations:


What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?  It’s time to go to sweep!

If you have trouble getting your children’s attention, just sit down and look comfortable.


I am a resourceful person.  I can achieve goals, I can get things done.  I can take care of business so I can feel free to enjoy other aspects of my life.  No more procrastination.