Based on all of the assumptions from the Analyze This post, and are you ready for 5 more questions?

  1. If we understand that whatever you plant now will be ready for harvest at just about the same time, do you understand why we plant each square foot separately?
  2. If we were going to contain our gardening into the four-foot wide beds, why would we even think of improving the soil in the aisles?
  3. Why would we ever think of watering the soil in the aisles if we didn’t want weeds to grow?
  4.  If all we need for watering is a few recycled buckets, why would we need a bunch of expensive hoses and sprinkling systems or even automatic watering systems?
  5.  If all this works so well, why would we want to complicate gardening?

You’re really catching on to this SFG method.  Can I give you 5 more in a few days?