Based on all of the assumptions from the Analyze This post, and are you ready for the final 5 questions?

  1. If we only want a few things at one time, why would we plant an entire packet of seeds, and then have to come and rip out 98% of them when they sprout?
  2. If we wanted to raise our garden to a sit-down or stand up height, for those that can’t kneel or bend, why wouldn’t we put plywood bottoms on our wooden boxes and raise them to any height.
  3. If you were afraid to start a garden because it was too much work, too many weeds, too expensive, took up too much space, took too much time, cost too much every year, required too much knowledge, why would you plant a row garden?
  4. If gardening became so simple, easy and enjoyable, wouldn’t everyone start gardening?
  5. SO WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAVE A SQUARE FOOT GARDEN?????    Well we are going to make it much easier for the world to use this innovative efficient method.  My next book will be out soon and is titled Square Metre Gardening. It is being translated into 8 different languages and will go World Wide.   Isn’t that exciting?