Did you read all of the assumptions from the Analyze This post? I want to ask you some questions over the few days.

  1. If the plants only need 6 inches deep of perfect soil why would we provide any more?
  2. Why would we even think of trying to improve your existing soil with a lot of hard work and heavy tools if there is no need for it? Why not start out with a perfect soil? Like you would with a window box, or a flower pot. Would you fill those by digging up your back yard soil?  No, of course not, that would be stupid.  Right ?
  3. Why would the plants send roots out for many feet searching for moisture and nutrients, if they have it all within those 6 inches of perfect soil?  They won’t.
  4. If you never have to turn your soil over or do any heavy work, why would we want to keep a garage filled with heavy-duty tools?  We don’t.
  5.  If we could visualize the harvest as we do the planting, thereby eliminating over planting why would we want an abundance of too much all at once?

You did so well on those questions, I’m going to give you 5 more in just a few days.