This Book is for Beginners and Experts ONLY!

Here’s a new book, “The Wealthy Earth” by Jim Teahan, a Certified SFG Instructor, for you to take a look at.  I think it’s very worthy of your consideration if you meet the above qualifications.  Take a look and tell me what you think.


If you’re just starting Square Foot Gardening, The Wealthy Earth is for you. Jim tells you all the things that you shouldn’t do and why you shouldn’t. He’s learned this from years of experience in getting people out of trouble that try the Square Foot System but didn’t follow it correctly and then got in trouble by trying to substitute or change it just a little bit. He knows the subject well, and if you read this book, it will keep you from all those pitfalls, so this book is definitely for BEGINNERS.


This book is also for the SFG experts for one major reason: you’re going to get a lot of people that come to you and say, “I tried the Square Foot System but it didn’t work.” Jim’s done extensive research on those kinds of statements, and he found out not only what they did and didn’t do, but then why it didn’t work, and he shows the solution.

So, Jim’s book has all the answers that you’re going to need if people ask you that question over the fence or in one of your talks, lectures or workshops. This book is for you if you’re a SFG expert and especially if you’re a certified SFG Instructor. You’ll get a lot out of this book and you’ll learn how to get people back on the right track when they say, “Oh, I tried it, it didn’t work.” Jim was always able to find out the reason it didn’t work, most often they didn’t follow the system correctly and properly, and that’s so important. It is so easy and simple a system of gardening, we often wonder how anyone can go wrong. But they occasionally do and it’s important for you to figure out why and how to help them back on the road again.

So I hope you’ll buy this book and give it a review and let’s see what you think. I’ve known Jim for many, many years. I met him first in the Salt Lake City area when I first moved there 12 years ago, and he’s not only been a good friend but this guy really knows Square Foot Gardening. He probably knows more than I do, and he’s always coming up with new interesting ideas. I love his book and I highly recommend it.  You can purchase it as a downloadable eBook for only $7.99 in our store.

Book Description:

Jim’s initial thought behind this book was simple:  to help fellow Square Foot Gardeners overcome the two main failures of a successful garden.

Originally he planned on writing only a small pamphlet, but says one idea led to another and resulted in a 60+ page book that “not only addresses why people have the challenges they do in this gardening system, but at the same time gives many other helpful suggestions.  This book is directed to those who have had experience with the Square Foot Gardening method, but could easily apply to other intensive gardening methods”.

Along with a wealth of Square Foot Gardening observations and advice, the author has included some of his family’s favorite recipes, as well as a “rough cost breakdown” on the savings of growing food in your own Square Foot Garden.

The Wealthy Earth addresses two of the biggest mistakes that get in the way of a Square Foot Garden. Frustrated by seeing bad advice about SFG on blog sites and in discussions with practicing Square Foot Gardeners, Jim set out to dispel these misnomers in a pamphlet! This eBook is the result of that effort. In this book, not only will you learn the top 10 square foot gardening mistakes; Jim also shares his 30 years experience on matters such as what to do with left over produce and how he and his family saved around $2,000 last year alone and that in Northern Utah! Imagine the possibilities!

About the Author:

Jim Teahan is a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor as well as having been apprenticed by Mel Bartholomew.  He is an ex-professional athlete with many varied interests including a love of gardening, coaching football, cooking, playing guitar, mountain biking, card magic and trying to stay in shape. A happily married health care professional with three wonderful children, Jim is ready to share his 30 years of gardening and health experience with everyone. Because he has lived in several different climates from New Hampshire, California, to Utah, he brings a wealth of diverse information to the Square Foot Gardening arena. You can follow Jim’s blog at The Wealthy Earth.