PVC Garden Cage

A PVC Garden Cage

I received a lot of mail on our recent post, Gardening with Pets and Pests and most of it was about different animals or problems that were not covered in the last post. I want to explain the main reason why it’s so easy to protect a Square Foot Garden vs. the old-fashioned, way out back single row garden. Ours takes up only 20% of the space. That means a row garden is 5 times as large! Picture that in your mind or draw it on a piece of paper. If you draw a big square, that’s your single row. Now cut that in half one way and cut it in half again another way and one of those quarters is still more than the space you need for a SFG!

Now picture if you wanted to put a fence around your garden. Think of the difference. If you wanted to cover your garden to protect it from the weather, think of the difference. If you wanted to hoe all the weeds in your garden, think of the difference – a SFG has no weeds.

Chicken Wire Garden Cage

A Chicken Wire Garden Cage

Next when you water your garden, think of the difference just in the size plus the fact that we don’t suggest you water from overhead with a sprinkler or a hose, but instead ladle water out to each plant from a bucket of sun-warmed water. In the past, a lot of people have said, “Well, that would take too long,” but calling on my past profession as an engineer I did a time and motion study once and the cup and bucket method not only saved 90% of the water, it was also about equal in time.

Going back to protecting your garden. Protect it from what? Whatever answer you give me, I want you to think about how you would protect your Square Foot Garden from insects, rabbits, soccer balls, weather, too much sun, and all of the other problems that face a garden. The solution is much much easier because of the reduced size, resulting in the reduced cost but also of the simplicity of putting up supports for either covers or cages. Remember the pictures in the ALL NEW SFG book showing how to criss cross 2 pvc pipes corner to corner?  That’s all you need to put a cover of either clear plastic (for too much rain), mosquito netting (egg laying insects), or a blanket (cool fall weather).

If you think like this, you’ll be able to think up a simple and easy solution to whatever it is you need to protect your garden against!