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The Square Foot Gardening Foundation

sq_logoThank you for your interest in Mel Bartholomew, creator of Square Foot Gardening, and his staff for your speaking engagement.

Mel, author and lecturer, invented the Square Foot Gardening Method to make it easier and fun to garden, to eliminate the drudgery and hard work, even out the excess harvest, and to make gardening simple and interesting. He and his staff will masterfully teach your audience this fascinating gardening method with visuals and illustrations producing a fast moving, educational presentation that appeals to both the first time gardener and expert alike.

booksJust what is Square Foot Gardening, motivating over 2 million book buyers and a national television audience of over 50 million to use this new gardening concept? Studies tell us the average U.S. garden measure over 700 sq. ft., requiring much effort and labor to maintain. Mel and his staff will teach your audience how to easily eliminate 80% of that space, thus 80% of the work, 90 % of the water, and 95% of the seeds, and 98% of the weeds with the simple Square Foot Gardening Method, and have fun doing it. But, more important, be successful in their garden. They will also show you how to cut your grocery bill in half. What could be more important in today’s economic situation.

Mel’s credentials are as follows:

Nation’s #1 gardening author to date, including #1 Best Seller Square Foot Gardening books with over 2 million in sales. This is the largest selling garden book in the USA. His second book, Cash from Square Foot Gardening, showing how the average person can earn over $10,000 working part-time in their back yard. Mel developed a whole new vegetable and flower market for this book.  A new book in the process of being written based on his tour this next spring and possibly including your event and projects.

  • New three volume video series on his gardening methods. Available nationally.
  • Producer and host of his long running 5 year syndicated PBS television series Square Foot Gardening. This later appeared on both the Discovery Network and the Learning Channel for a total of 8 years
  • Mel has professionally lectured and appeared as the keynote speaker all across the country as well as on radio and television. He has been elected to be in Who’s Who twice. First time for his Engineering career and now again for his Horticultural and Humanitarian accomplishments. Nationally, he draws large crowds of enthusiastic gardeners and wannabe gardeners.
  • Also released in  2011 – Square Foot Gardening Harvest & Cookbook – bringing the harvest to the table. Teaching how to harvest and prepare family meals fresh from the garden.
  • And now the most colorful and exciting new gardening book on the market. Mel has made 10 major improvements to the already simple easy SFG method he invented and shows the how to with lots of pictures in his ALL NEW SFG book. This is the book that put sales of SFG books over 2,000,000 copies. The expanded and improved 2nd edition was released in early 2013.In addition, the entire SFG system has been converted into the Metric system and this latest version of the ALL NEW system has been translated into 8 languages for world-wide distribution of the Square Metre Gardening Book.
  • Then, all the FAQ have been assembled from the past 20 years and laid out in a unique display of Question and Answers including an expanded new section on pest control and family gardening with kids.
  • 3 new books in the works, the first, the long awaited  – Square Foot Gardening To the Rescue – how to end World Hunger and 24 other world –wide problems, the second, How to cut your food bill in HALF with SFG and the third SFG for Kids..
  • Book early. Speaking availability is on a limited basis. Email us at info@squarefootgardening.com with your event dates to see if we can be available. Thank you,  The entire Square Foot Gardening Staff HQ in Columbia SC with western HQ in San Diego CA.


The Creator, Author, and Founder of Square Foot Gardening
Mel’s background and travels through life, so far!

About the Author, Mel Bartholomew
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