Why Aren’t There any Weeds in a Square Foot Garden?

  1. We lay down a weed fabric under our boxes, so that none of the existing weed seeds in the ground will sprout and come up into your garden.
  2. There are no weed seeds in Mel’s Mix.  If you make your own, keep in mind there are no weed seeds in peat moss and vermiculite.  If you make your compost properly, your pile will heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit which will kill all weed seeds that might have been introduced.
  3. If a weed seed blows in from your neighbors old fashioned single row garden, or a dandelion seed blows into your garden, you will recognize it as a foreign seed because it is out of place and therefore you know it can be pulled and put in the compost pile immediately.
  4. If a weed seed does sprout and you pull it out, your Mel’s Mix is so loose and friable that the entire root will come out and never sprout again.  This is quite different than single row gardening and in fact ALL other methods have weed seeds in their soil mix.  When those seeds sprout, you’re back to hoeing weeds all summer for the rest of your life.
  5. A weed seed is the most energetic, vibrant plant on Earth – that’s why they grow everywhere without any help from a gardener.  I always thought that the easy solution is to never have weed seeds in your garden from the start.
  6. In traditional gardening, when you’re hoeing all of those weeds down, if you think about it, all you’re doing with a hoe is chopping off the top of the seed.  The ground is so hard that you don’t dig down and get the root and the plant merely sees this as an inconvenience and pops up with a new sprout.  The weeding starts all over again.
  7. Keep in mind the above is extremely important to a successful gardening experience, because weeds, being so aggressive, will take all of the nutrients, water and sunlight out of your garden.  That’s why my first priority in the new SFG method was to eliminate weeds and weed seeds completely right from the start.  No labor, no tools, no sweat!