In El Salvador

Occasionally we get a question asking that since we are a non-profit foundation, what Educational and humanitarian projects do we do and where do donations and profits go?

Good Questions.  We are a little bit different than those non-profits that show you a starving child or desolate village condition and try to guilt you into donating to the cause.

Our mission is to teach the world our invention of Square Foot Gardening, a method that works anywhere in the world for anyone that wants to help themselves become more independent and self sufficient. We decided that instead of conducting fund raising activities and starting a big organization to locate and feed the hungry, fund and build wells, latrines or schools for the poor we would do it differently. We want to empower them to be able to do all that themselves. Where do you start? Well here’s how we figured it:

Teaching Students in India

We know about and support the hundreds of humanitarian organization out there with everything in place and already sending volunteers and staff to the far countries of the world, building things and doing all the good things. We support those organizations helping them learn how to teach someone to feed themselves and become independent and self sufficient. We offer a 50% discount on our classes and a steep discount for our books and videos for any organization that is serious about using SFG to include that in their present mission.

We then back that up with constant contact, advice and encouragement. We also spend some of our income in preparing the necessary teaching devices, books, videos, etc for them to use for this purpose. We do not solicit funds for this but pay for this service out of our general finances and net profits from all of our product sales, as well as the generous donations people send us.

 Mel Bartholomew, Pres.
Founder and President of
Square Foot Gardening Foundation
A 501-C3 IRS tax exempt organization for 16 years