We now have coarse vermiculite to ship directly to you!

This vermiculite was personally selected by Mel and is available for you today! No more shopping all around town to find this elusive, but essential ingredient to Mel’s Mix.

Mel and Victoria actually located and visited a top notch Vermiculite manufacture right here in the good ol’ USA and met the owners and top management, then took a tour of these modern facilities satisfying themselves that if the SFG Foundation carried this brand and sold directly to our fans, this would be a huge improvement in the age old problem of people finding vermiculite itself in a store in big bags and them to find the much sought after more valuable coarse grade.

When we saw that Home Depot had reduced their product bag to 2 cu ft, upped the price and lowered the grade to just the common medium grade, we knew we had to move into the market to supply everyone with that most important ingredient of Mel’s Mix.

We are selling 2 cu. ft bags of coarse grade vermiculite and shipping directly to you. Not only are we going to match Home Depot’s price of $20.97 for their medium grade vermiculite, we’re upgrading the quality to the coarse grade in addition!

Purchase your vermiculite with us today and we’ll also give your a $5 credit to be used towards shipping. Just enter the code vermiculite.

This is a TRIAL offer to test the market and is for a limited time only, so get your order in ASAP.

Get yours today at



Shipping will be via the US Postal Service parcel service and will be shipped from our headquarters in Columbia, SC. Shipping cost will vary depending on shipping address.  If you live in the area around Columbia, please contact the store for local pickup. You can contact the store at (803) 397-2816 or email theStore@squarefootgardening.com.