Mel's Affirmations Column 10

What Causes Distress?

What Causes Distress? This is from a book of affirmations that was given to me a long time ago when I was going through a

November 01, 2011 Affirmations
It Starts With Radishes 2

Can Radishes Solve World Hunger?

Let’s take this real slow now, and please stick with me through the explanation.  Please don’t be thinking like, “Yea, but…” or get ahead of

November 01, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
Stay Tuned for More! 12

Give a Man a Fish – WRONG!

My Philosophy I have been encouraged to start a blog to share my life’s lessons with you for whatever they’re worth, and to encourage others

November 01, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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