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Do You Have to Get Paid??

  Do you have to get paid when you do a job? Raising a child, coaching little league, being a scout leader, organizing a church

November 14, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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I Can Create 1,000 Jobs Tomorrow

Not only that, I can add another 1,000 jobs per day for the next week. How can I do this? I’ve got a plan that

November 01, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Location, Location, Location Quiz

  Thanks for taking the Quiz, and I hope you learned something! If you didn’t ace it, don’t be discouraged!  It was created to make

October 22, 2012 Quizzes
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The Heart of SFG

I’ve talked about all of the money making opportunities and savings through SFG, but I don’t want you to think SFG is all about money.

October 19, 2012 Affirmations
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Plan For Change

Change seems to be difficult for most people, but it is necessary.  For some it’s even difficult to realize that Change even needs to be

October 16, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
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Why Would You NOT Use a Grid??

I recently got an email from a SFG fan named Lynn.  Lynn’s walking partner wanted to install her own SFG but didn’t want to use

October 05, 2012 Beginner's Guide, Mel's Soapbox
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Family Dinner

I remember when I grew up, dinner was a special occasion (whether we wanted it or not).  At a certain hour, the family gathered at

October 01, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
karrady Ants and Aphids 9

Ants and Aphids

I was watching one of my favorite TV shows recently: “Shark Tank”. On the show, people with new products and business ideas come to the

September 24, 2012 Announcements, Quizzes
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