Holiday Greetings from Mel

It’s almost that time of the year, right after Santa Claus to start getting the seed catalogs in the mail.  Hang on to them and you’ll be able to use them for many different kid’s projects.  One of our school programs after the class installs their Square Foot School Garden.  The most fun is to have each student decide on what they would like to plant and grow.  It’s a fun project because individual personalities come out and I’ve noticed that most of the girls want to grow pretty flowers. Remember when I highlighted the SFG Teacher’s program a few weeks ago?  If you’re a parent or teacher, that will tell you why the seed catalogs are going to be very important in your classes on SFG.

I didn’t mention in that blog about learning more information on growing plants.  I talked mostly about preferences and who likes to grow what, but the next step would be to have each student write a short explanation of what they selected, what it looks like, and how long it takes to grow.  Al of the facts about growing that are all obtained from the seed catalogs.

Now Here’s the Best Part:

Now you ask each student to explain in writing why they chose that particular vegetable or flower.  You would be amazed at their explanation.  Some are going to be very comical and others serious, but they help develop the ability in a person to explain their thoughts and selections.  Let’s go even further and remember when I told you that all subjects in school could be taught around their Square Foot Garden?  If you were the teacher, what would be the next subject you would teach?

How about art?  Have each student draw their square foot with the plants as they grow, and then harvested and have them make sketches and c olored drawings.  The next step could be nutrition.  They would have to learn more about that vegetable and what type of vitamins and food value each one has.  Can you see now how easy it would be to teach from your SFG?  Every single subject could be covered and the best part is that the kids would be interested and enthused.  So give it a try in either your schoolroom or household.