I’m so excited to share with you today about SFG’s impact in Haiti!  Wilky Estinvil, Yvette Papillon, and Pat Lahr’s organization Gardening World Wide has utilized the SFG system in Haiti since their beginning there in 1985.  Gardening World Wide teaches SFG to aid the hurting in their road out of poverty. I actually got to visit them in Haiti in 1987 and was very impressed and encouraged by their work. Gardens are used for nutritional and educational purposes. Many young men go directly to Yvette for assistance and help in life.  Wilky and his assistant teacher, Celidon, have done a tremendous job this past year coordinating SFG seminars to teach fellow Haitians “How-To” do a better job gardening from composting to harvesting.  They’ve hosted two 3-day SFG Seminars in communities on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince where attendees were hungry for information and the free lunch. Wilky and Celidon also work with school children, installing SFG rooftop gardens and incorporating SFG into math classes and all school subjects.

There are so many fantastic projects going on in Haiti surrounding Square Foot Gardening! Wilky, Yvette, and Pat have extended an invitation to visit and volunteer with them in January of 2014.  Contact the coordinator, Connie, at 320-963-3690 or pclahr@yahoo.com if you are interested.  Gardening World Wide had their 22nd Annual Promotional Fundraiser this past weekend in Minnesota with delicious barbecue pork sandwiches, relishes, zucchini chocolate chip cookies, Arabic coffee straight from Haiti, pure vanilla, entertainment, baked goods, horseradish, sauerkraut, and inspiring stories about how Square Foot Gardening is improving lives in Haiti. If you didn’t make the event but would like to support these efforts in Haiti, checks can be mailed to Gardening Worldwide 501c3; 208 Oak Avenue North; Maple Lake, MN 55358.

I’d like to thank Gardening World Wide for using Square Foot Gardening to combat poverty, fight hunger, and improve education in Minnesota, Haiti, and worldwide. Check them out at http://www.gardeningww.org/ .