Just Picture a Gardening System that Produces 100% of the Harvest:

  • With only 40% of the cost
  • In only 20% of the space
  • With only 10% of the water
  • Using 5% of the seeds
  • And with 2% of the work
  • That’s a 60% savings
  • That’s a 80% savings
  • That’s a 90% savings
  • That’s a 95% savings
  • That’s a 98% savings

World Problems

Is our world running out of:

  • Adequate water supplies
  • Usable land
  • Funds for individual families
  • Land with productive soil
  • Self-sufficient communities
SFG Is Earth Friendly

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • No Fertilizers
  • No Insecticides
  • No Chemicals

Less Water – Less Land – Less Work

Yet it produces 100% of the harvest.

SFG  works all over the world.  In every country we have tried it.  WHY?

Because of all the above attributes, especially the need for only 20% of the space.

  • A mother in Africa can make 2’x2’ boxes with a plywood bottom filled with   homemade compost that she can carry in at night to prevent vandalism.
  • A family in Haiti located their SFG on their flat roof to protect it from the neighborhood goats running loose.
  • An orphanage in Kenya was able to locate their SFG right in the building courtyard for protection and ease of caretaking & harvesting.
  • A girl in El Salvador who had to walk 3 miles to get water, could now have a SFG because it talks only 10% of the usual water.
  • A family in Honduras can now have a SFG that takes so little space they could now protect their garden from wild pigs with a removable bamboo cover.
  • A neighborhood SFG training Center in India can now grow 22 crops for 12 months of the year instead of the 2 crops they used to grow for only 6 months.

I want to tell you this magnificent story in a future post, so stay tuned.