When you grow your own food, right outside your back door, you help eliminate the following:

  1. Cost of Food – That’s extra money you get to keep in your pocket, Tax FREE.
  2. Transportation – Both for the food from the farm to the distributor to the warehouse to the store, and then you have to travel to the store and back home.  Why not just step out your back door to your SFG?
  3. Water – For all that growing, processing, delivery and storage.
  4. Land – SFG takes only 20% of the space of a single row farm for the same harvest.
  5. Pollution – Every kind you can think of along the way, including from your own car.
  6. Waste – Over half of the produce gets wasted along the way.
  7. Landfill – Farm -> Store – > You send 50 times as much to the landfills as from your own SFG.
  8. Oil – 100% saving of oil and gas if you use your SFG.
  9. Roads and Traffic – No tractors, no trucks, no cars, no potholes!
  10. Noise Pollution – You quietly open and close your back door and that’s it.