This is a letter the Square Foot Gardening Foundation received from a student at BYU:

On the 14th of October, here at BYU, there was a satellite broadcast for World Food Day.  I came away from that program not with what they probably intended me to but with a very important insight for me.  A people that cannot grow their own food are in danger of being controlled by someone else and lose their freedom.  It is not wealth that will determine this, but whether we can supply for ourselves.  All we need is a  cataclysmic event that wipes out our food supply and whoever has the food will be the one who will determine our freedoms.   This is what convinced me to go to my first Square Foot Gardening class.  The method that Mel created is exactly the kind of thing that will empower people around the world to have true freedom and democracy.  Little wonder the LDS Church makes such an issue about having food storage.

Thank you, as an organization for the wonderful things that you are doing.  I would like to help as a volunteer if there is something that you think I might be able to do.  I don’t have a whole lot of time, but I will do anything that I can.

Thanks again for your help,

Dennis W.

Provo, Utah

My Response

Dear Dennis,

That statement from you is so profound.    I am so pleased you came to our sessions and your diploma is waiting for you on campus, just contact David.  You are qualified to teach while the students needed to take the third class in order to go forth to other countries and do humanitarian projects. They had a good time the last session.

I fully understand your time restraints,  one thing you can do that takes no time but produces big results is to be one of our spokespeople and tell others all about SFG and how you feel.

By the way, we have been given greenhouse space on campus for next spring so there will be some hands on for the next class in Feb.

Best wishes,



A message to all that are reading this.   Isn’t this students understanding of food so profound?  How can we get our world leaders to understand the value of self-sufficiency and what it would mean to world peace and sustainability?    How can you help?  Will you help?  Please write me with ANY ideas you have.

Best wishes and Happy Square Foot Gardening (with no weeds) to all,