Let’s see how much you know about this unique method of gardening that the experts say won’t work because it is too simple and easy.  They like to say, “Gardening should be a lot of work!”  but we know that’s not true with SFG.

D. All of the above.
C. Fertilizer
A. Meat and dairy products
D. All of the above
A. In squares
D. All of the above
C. 3 feet
B. Trowel, pencil, scissors
D. 1550
C. 20%

How did you do?  What was your score?     If you got more than 6 correct, you should become a Certified SFG Instructor.  Right now you can take the course at home by yourself or form a small group of 5  to 10 for a reduced rate.  Check out the SFG Certified Instructor Course in our store.