How to Defeat Termites in Your Square Foot Garden

I recently got a comment on my blog from Linda from Florida who was having a hard time with termites.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Mel, I have problems now with termites eating my SFG boxes I bought at Lowes. It has been a year since I put them in my yard here. First I put down weed barrier then the boxes and more weed barrier in the boxes then your mix. The termites have eaten into the wood but also eat my radishs, corn, strawberries and carrots just to name a few.

I have found that they dont eat the onions and most of the herbs I have in one box. I also have a vinyl box I got at Sam’s Club and and had the same problem with the termites eating my veggies although they are not eating my boards as they are vinyl. I am going to try next to raise the boxes on cinder blocks to get them off the ground to see if that makes a difference.

To answer her, I decided to break out my  headset and try out a new method today for you all.  Here is an audio player where you can listen to my answer.  The length of the clip is just over 4 minutes.  Please let me know if you like this format!

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Solution for Termites in Square Foot Gardening

Credit to punaluuSFG & his son from SFG Forum

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