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Entitlements III

Here’s a brief note on the conditions in Haiti and the effect of free food in Haiti sent to me by Connie.  I wrote about

April 24, 2012 Dear Mel
soap-box 35

Entitlements Round Two

Lots of Opinions! In all of this talking it over with various dissenting opinions, just so no one thinks we want to eliminate entitlements or

January 09, 2012 Mel's Soapbox
dear-mel 49

Dear Mel: You’re Off My Christmas List!

This was written to me privately in response to one of my latest posts concerning entitlements. Gene’s Letter I value the concept of Square Foot

December 24, 2011 Dear Mel
RudyGiuliani 2

We Need Rudy: The Problem Solver

I’ve talked in the last few weeks about government programs that they call entitlements, and I’ve been learning an awful lot about those things in

November 21, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
capitolhill 1

Entitlements and Cigarette Butts

A Bold Idea What if? – What if whenever anyone helps another that really needs and deserves it, something goes with that help, that you

November 28, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
Stay Tuned for More! 12

Give a Man a Fish – WRONG!

My Philosophy I have been encouraged to start a blog to share my life’s lessons with you for whatever they’re worth, and to encourage others

November 01, 2011 Mel's Soapbox
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