My Philosophy

I have been encouraged to start a blog to share my life’s lessons with you for whatever they’re worth, and to encourage others how they might improve their lives through health, wealth, and the pursuit of happiness.  It is my belief that those three things are God given and guaranteed to pursue by our country.   We can accomplish that each day with attention toward subjects like health, contentment, wealth, daily objectives and goals, all through the use of love, tolerance, learning, and the desire to help our fellow man.

A Helping Hand

If you know anything about me from my past, you know I am a great believer in the Bible adage of, “Give a man a fish, and you help him for a day.  Teach him how to fish, and you help him for the rest of his life.”  To me, the absolute best thing that we can do for our fellow man is to show them how they can help themselves through their own initiative, hard work, and dedication to improving their own lives.  Of course, along with that comes appreciating and enjoying their own life.

I was very disappointed in our Federal Government when they changed our government assisted program name.  I think it was President Johnson who after he was elected said, “We should hereafter call all of those aid programs ‘entitlements’.” What a turn in history that was.  Suddenly, everyone that was in need started saying, “Well, if I’m entitled to all those things then I should also be entitled to a better way of life, AND the government should provide it.”

SFG Policy

This is not the policy we follow at the Square Foot Gardening Foundation.  I want to give my invention and perfection of a better way to home garden to the world, to anyone that wants it. We’ll give it free.  Our website is filled with information, and some people even have said, “Mel, you give away too much!”  But I say, “It’s information they need and I love giving it away.”   We have people come and say, “I would like fresh vegetables, but how can we have them?” And, we’ve had unfortunate experiences in the past, from both individuals and groups that really didn’t want to do the work, or really learn the system – they wanted someone to do it for them.  Also, most of our government and private food programs today are composed of giving people food.

I strongly object to that.  I think we should be teaching them to grown their own food. I’m not talking about emergency programs; I’m talking about day to day living.  If our grandparents and great-grandparents could live off the land (they called it homesteading), there’s absolutely no reason why we still can’t do it today.  More about that in later blog posts.

I hope you will let me get on my soapbox every once in a while, because I feel very strongly about this, not only in our own country, but in taking it overseas.  I’m a firm believer we could solve, or eliminate world hunger if we allow people to learn how they can simply grow much of their own food  using the Square Foot system, which has been proven to work in every country in the world, in every corner of the globe.