I’ve talked about all of the money making opportunities and savings through SFG, but I don’t want you to think SFG is all about money. While a wonderful and fulfilling part time venture, SFG is about the people. People who can come together by the SFG method. Let me tell you a few stories that show what the heart of SFG is about in hopes to bring you some inspiration today.

A prisoner wrote me recently and said, “Mel you saved my life”.  He shared about how he had been despondent and discouraged with prison life and feeling like it wasn’t his fault that he was in prison. He conveyed to me that he had been close to suicide before the prison started a Square Foot Gardening program.  Fast forward a few years and he said, “I’m now out and my small business is installing Square Foot Gardens for other people and taking care of them for them. It has brought a whole new meaning to my life. And I have you to thank for that.”

Another woman wrote me about her father being despondent after her mother’s death. “He just sat in the living room with the TV on. But just staring at the wall. Week after week. Month after month. I brought him a book on gardening because he used to garden, but gave up. ‘Here,’ I said ‘See if you like this – a new way to Garden.’  That night I noticed his bedroom lights still showed under the door very late. In the morning I woke up to a noise from the cellar. He was cutting up wood to build a Square Foot Garden. Fast forward, he is now in his garden, every single day, and more like his old self. Thank you Mel, for what you’ve done for my family.”

Here’s one last story. (I could go on all day telling you of the heart warming stories sent to me. All because they took up Square Foot Gardening, for one reason or another.)  A family wrote to tell me that their son had watched them practice the SFG method at home growing up.  The parents were both certified teachers.  When the boy was about to turn 8, they asked him what he would like for his Birthday.  He said, “I’d like to do the certified teaching program. And I’d like as a present the kit.” The family contacted me, and at that time SFG had nothing for a teenager or even younger.  I decided that we should make a new category of junior SFG certified instructors. He completed the course and it has enriched his life so much that he now has one of the best looking gardens of all of the certified teachers! And just think what he’s gonna go on to do the rest of his life.

You tell me if those stories are all reasons enough to think and thank the Lord that you can bring such change and happiness to so many people in your lifetime. Let me pass on my experiences to you and ask you, “Will you carry on the tradition of Square Foot Gardening, that is not just a new gardening method but a philosophy and way of life?” Our ultimate goal is to end world hunger and to show people how to become self sufficient.

Happy Gardening!  Do you have a heart-warming Square Foot Gardening story?  I’d love to hear it.