SFG is so different that you first have to tell people forget everything you know about gardening. Don’t think about single rows or lots of digging or weeding. In fact, here’s a guide to what you should think about in order to understand this unique, efficient system of gardening.


1. Think in 4’x 4’ squares—not 20’ rows
2. Think small—not big
3. Cabbage: think 1 per square not 20 per row
4. Think no weeds vrs weeds all summer long
5. Lettuce: Think 4 per sq. ft. not 40 per row
6. Think 6” of perfect soil not 12” of improved soil
7. Try SFG no dig method not how deep should I dig
8. Spinach: use 9 per square foot not 80 per row
9. No chemical fertilizer to buy or add,- Never!
10. Radishes: think 16 per sq ft not 320 per row
11. A few boxes at your back door not 700 sq ft way out back
12. Think lemonade & easy chair not smelly sweat all summer long
13. Start small with 16 square feet, a 4×4
14. Never big-  700 square feet (20’x35’)
15. What!   No hoe, no shovel, no rake
16. Yes, only need a trowel, a cup & bucket

  Can you think of a few more?