Not only that, I can add another 1,000 jobs per day for the next week. How can I do this? I’ve got a plan that no one has thought of, not the politicians, labor, management, no one, not even the unemployed. Here it is…

I would offer every person now collecting unemployment benefits, the opportunity to go to their county agricultural agent’s office and volunteer to help out building and maintaining a new grocery Square Foot Garden. They would volunteer to go for 2-4 hours per day, 5 days a week. The county Ag agents all have space around their office and grounds for the new SFG. After all, our taxes are paying for those grounds, buildings, and staff, so why not use them in a national emergency?
Their existing grounds, buildings, and gardens would also need maintenance, upkeep, and new plantings. Many of the new volunteers will become eligible to learn free, how they can become self-sufficient, cut their food bill in half and eat healthy, fresh, and nutritious food at home, ALL FREE! It can all be done with very little start up expense and the volunteers will learn, again for free, the lifetime ability to feed their family from their own back yard. I think I could continue this program  at the rate of 1,000 new jobs per day, 5 days a week, and can spread to every state in the union.

Let’s do some big round numbered arithmetic: 50 states x approx. 50 counties per state =2,500 counties x 1,000 jobs per day = Gosh that’s a big number! But using my calculator, I come up with 25,000,000 jobs per day. That’s 2&1/2 million jobs per day! next, a 5 day week = 12,500,000 new jobs per week! THAT‘S 12½ MILLION JOBS PER WEEK. “Impossible!” you say?

Alright, cut it in 1/2 to be conservative. Let’s go even further, to the extreme. Cut it by 10. Take one tenth, that’s still well over a million jobs per week. Do I have my zeros correct? How many people are out of jobs right now? Instead of thinking why this might not work, think of all the food that could be produced and who would eat all of the food that over one Million people could grow in one week.

The Hungry. The Homeless. The Unemployed. Everyone on food stamps. The Elderly. The Teachers out of work. The youth that can’t find a Job. The Politicians running for office. (just a little tongue in cheek there, sorry) could come to the county gardens and harvest all of the food they could eat. PROVIDED they also put in 3 hours per day at the same gardens. Just think, they could use their food stamps to get fresh organic, nutritious food at at least  half price compared to the stores. That’s a saving for the Gov. of a lot of money they would have to pay out for those food stamps and all the administration time that would take. Now we have double the number of people learning how to grow their own.

We can also setup an entire movement for putting SF garden kits together by an additional 1,000 people a day so all those above volunteers could start taking home a free garden. Using wholesale prices and bulk quantities as well as donations, we could probably put together (using all of this volunteer help) a 4×4 SFG box for about $40 each. That includes a ground weed fabric, a SFG Book, the perfect soil Mel‘s Mix, a grid, and all of the seeds that you need.
Think of a complete garden for only $40. and it will be FREE to everyone. Why? How? Because we used volunteer help to do everything. PEOPLE THAT NEEDED SOMETHING TO DO AND HAD THE TIME. Seeds would be obtained in bulk and repackaged by these volunteers into Square Foot quantities for free seeds to every SFG Program member.
I’ll bet I could run this entire program for the cost of just one Air Force ONE flight! And it would give every person in America a free garden, teaching class and opportunity to become self-sufficient.
Want To Try It America ???????????????????    I’m Ready.