1.  Read the Book
2. Let your Fingers do the Walking

The biggest difficulty we have with beginners is that they get so excited about starting their new Sq Ft Garden that they end up putting the book down and running out to start buying all the ingredients and items they need to build a box, fill it with Mel’s Mix, add a gird and start planting.

The problem is they run into several types of problems that I have experienced for 40 years and I try to warn them in the book and in my blog about shortcuts and safety time savers.  Of course many of us say…”I don’t have time to ready any further, hop in the car and let’s go”. Eight weary hours later they write Mel a letter and say… “We went everywhere around town and we couldn’t find coarse vermiculite in large 4 cu ft bags. In addition we could only find 3 kinds of compost but several were already blended…can I use those? “.

Also we occasionally hear…. “I’m trying to make my own compost but I don’t know all the things to put in it, can you help me? “.

So to all of you, I have to curb your initial enthusiasm and ask you to please read the book from beginning to end, talk over any parts you don’t understand with your family and before you go shopping… get out your phone and phone book with a pad of paper and let your fingers do that walking. List the size, price, and ingredients of all 3 ingredients…compare prices, check hours of operation and get the name of the person you talked to.  That might take you as much as 1/2 an hour, possibly even an hour… but will cost nothing in gasoline, parking and frustration. 

SFG is very simple, easy and quick to do, but why not take advantage of the experience from millions of people who moved too fast, too quickly in all of their enthusiasm and then became frustrated and unhappy.  Don’t let that happen to you.