I just wanted you to see the huge difference between our SFG coarse grade vermiculite and the store medium grade version of vermiculite.  Both are the same price $20.97 per 2 cu. ft. bag.

Phil managerWhen Victoria and I visited this new vermiculite factory in South Carolina, we were very impressed with the cleanliness and organization of their operation. I’ve never seen a factory so clean and neat, which to me is a good indication of a quality product. In talks with their management and owner, we were further impressed by their dedication to producing a quality product. Their knowledge of Square Foot Gardening was evident as their manager, Phil, said that not a day goes by that someone doesn’t call them asking about vermiculite for their Square Foot Garden.

We’ve now made arrangements for an unlimited supply and hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with orders to supply you with this necessary ingredient for Mel’s Mix.

We’re going to try several different marketing plans and try to reduce the shipping cost.  Of course it all depends on how far you live from the shipping point Columbia, South Carolina.

vermiculite-operationsFor the time being, we would like to limit your order as a trial to just one bag, then we’ll see how things work out.

Again, I cannot impress you enough of the importance and the need for this product in your Mel’s Mix and I hope everyone will order one bag just to have around for seed starting and gradual improvement to your existing Mel’s Mix…no matter where you bought it or made it yourself.  If this is successful, we hope to bring you more quality products for your Square Foot Garden.


What’s Vermiculite?


It’s a marvelous material used in many areas of agriculture. It starts as a mineral rock mined out of the earth in locations all over the world, including the USA.  Material was formed millions of years ago and is in sheets formed in the earth and dug out…then delivered to a heating plant.  The individual particles are small, but have moisture in them and when heated to 1000s deg F, that moisture turns into steam and expands, enlarging each particle so it ends up like popcorn and filled with nooks and crankies….just like an english muffin. Those open spaces allow water and air to flow though, yet capture the water and hold it until the plant roots take it up. The larger the particle after heating makes for a better soil additament.  It gives us a much better loose and friable soil mix. It’s ability to soak up and hold moisture, yet drain when over saturated, just like a sponge…makes it a most valuable and ideal material in our Mel’s Mix.  It is so important in my opinion, that’s why I made it 1/3 of the entire volume of my Mel’s Mix.

Trying to find the coarsest material has been very difficult as it is more expensive and harder to find. But we found it and we now have it available for you. What’s available in the stores, whenever you can find it, is usually the medium grade and does not begin to compare to the quality of what we offer.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this new and special offer and order a bag just to have ready when you start seeds or enhance your existing soil mix.