I’m going to our Square Foot Gardening Store and see what interests me today.

On my first blog, I asked you what your reaction to a sale price of $29.99 was vs. $30.00.  Does the lower price, $29.99 make you think, “I’m not going to be fooled, that’s really $30 with a penny change.”  Today, I scrolled down the store to another set of adjacent products; one at .95, the other at .00.  That reminded me a lot about a discussion when the Square Foot Gardening Cookbook came out in January of 2010.   The publisher set the price at $19.95.  However, he left the original All New Square Foot Gardening garden book, which was re-edited & reissued in 1997 the same price.  The original version published in 2006, was so filled with the publisher’s errors (182 to be exact that I found), I fought with them for a full year to get everything corrected.  They kept saying, “It’s good enough.”  Boy, did that tick me off.

 Pricing Differences

Anyhow, we have the Garden SFG book at $19.99, and the other one, the Cookbook, at $19.95; same size, same style, same color, but 4 cents cheaper. Actually it is a more expensive book because it has a hard cover – a real plus.  By the way, Pat, one of our Certified Teachers in Utah had her SFG garden book cut and fitted with a spiral binding.  That looks and works so neat that I wanted to have some of our supply done that way and offered on our web site.  I asked our publisher once if he would do that but got a defiantly no from him.  Costs too much he said.

Back to the .99 vs .95.  You would think that they could make both the garden and the cook books the same price, especially because they’re right next to each other in the book stores I hope.  Well, the reason given was they couldn’t lower their $19.99 book down 4 cents to make it equal to the other at $19.95 because all the stores and wholesalers would complain too much.  At least that’s what I remember being told.  It doesn’t make much sense, does it?  Well, what do you think?   Why not then raise the other book up to $19.99 so they’re both the same?  Please give me your opinion.

How many say raise the one to $ 19.99 so they are both the same?  How many say lower the one to $ 19.95 so they are both the same?  How many say who cares!  Leave them alone?  Please note that as they say on TV, this is not a scientific study or poll and you won’t be quoted.

The Next SFG Book…

The next SFG book to be written will be titled… I’ll tell you all about that in next week’s blog,  OK?