NOW anyone can order Mel’s Mix over the Internet and have it shipped right to their door!

The Home Depot sale price is very reasonable: $8.95 for a 1.5 cu ft. bag. The shipping is very expensive for the first 6 bags, which amounts to $55 (whoa that’s much too much. But wait, there’s more as they say on TV).  Every bag thereafter is free shipping in the same order and to the same address.

*** News Flash!  We find that Home Depot keeps changing the offer.  One day  it’s $55 maximum shipping, the next day it changes to $150, and then the next day they say it’s no longer available on the internet.  So my advice it treat it just like the weather…if you don’t like the weather today, wait until tomorrow and be quick to order it when it’s the $55 shipping price.  You can check this on the website at or call number # 1-800-430-3376 and give them the model # 11760.  

Please note, you cannot order the bags of Mel’s Mix to be delivered to your local Home Depot store, but you can order them to be shipped right to your house.  We just have to wait until they post the $55 maximum shipping offer.***

That’s unheard of in most other product orders.   So if you are building a small to medium size SFG, you are going to need 30 – 40 bags, that makes it under a $1.50 a bag for shipping.  If you are building a big SFG, you are going to need 50-70 bags – now the shipping is under $1.00 per bag.  The best part is it doesn’t matter where you live – the shipping is exactly the same.

So in summary, for under 10 bags it’s just too expensive to ship.  But once you get over 20-30 bags, it’s really very inexpensive and it comes right to your door within a few days.  So I think that’s a pretty good deal Home Depot is giving us.

Here’s another idea, as long as you are going to order some, why don’t you ask your neighbors, family, and friends – even those at school, church, or at work…if they’d like to come in on the order.  Then we are talking about almost 25 cents for each bag for shipping.  That’s cheaper than driving to the store even if they had it.

He could be at your front door in 3 days:

Now remember, the good news is after 6 bags all the rest are FREE! So 10 bags is still $55 shipping and 50 bags is still $55 shipping and 100 bags is still $55 shipping! No matter how many bags you order, shipping is $55 maximum as long as they are delivered to the same address. So if you needed 100 bags that’s only 55 cents per bag for delivery. If you and a neighbor want to start a small family SFG of say three 4’X12’ boxes for each family, that would take 64 bags /house so 64 x2 into the $55 shipping =  43 cents shipping /bag. The added advantage is you do all this from your armchair with no trip to the store. You know what that is like, right?

So as of this date, you can order Mel’s Mix from Home Depot and have it shipped right to your door anywhere in the continental USA. Yes, at first the shipping seems expensive; however, if you consider a typical trip to the store, it might go something like this: Get everyone organized to go, then fight traffic, try and find a close parking spot by driving around the parking lot, aisle by aisle, finally park, go inside to search, find the display, talk it all over again, look for the kids, then go get a cart, load up, stand in line to pay, search the parking lot for where you left the car, find a dent in your car door, load into car, tear and spill one bag all over your nice new van, have to fill up on gas, end an argument of I told you so, decide to stop for lunch, go home, unload, collapse, etc. etc.

Instead of all that hassle, you can now have it delivered TO YOUR DOOR in just a few days. Two ways to order:

First, it is called Square Foot Gardening Potting Soil Mix.

Second, call your local HD store to see if they have it on their shelf. Some do but not all. If yours doesn’t, ask them to check all other local HD stores in your area. No delivery or pick up charge if they have it on their shelf. If none of their stores have it, then you can order it to be delivered to your house. Do the following:

1. INTERNET. Copy & go to: to place your order for delivery right to your door.

2. OR you can call this TELEPHONE # 1-800-430-3376. Give them the model # 11760 to have it DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR.

Tell them how many bags you want, remember after 6 bags the shipping doesn’t increase. The more you order this first time, the cheaper the shipping per bag. You can order any number over 6 and the shipping will still be only $55. Total. A good time to ask all your friends if they want to go in on this order to save money.

Please note, there’s a Plan A and a Plan B.  Plan A is to have it shipped right to your door; Plan B is to have it shipped to your local Home Depot.  UNFORTUNATELY, plan B is not in operation even though there’s that option on the website.   You cannot at this time order on the internet to have it shipped to your local HD store. BUT call your local HD first to see if they might already have it in stock, then just go and pick it up.

Here is a great opportunity to show HD that people want Mel’s Mix and will even pay shipping to get it and why don’t they stock Mel’s Mix in all their stores?

If all the above fails, pick up the phone and call this Home Depot 800 number and they’ll take care of you with a real live person on the other end:  1-800-430-3376.  Give them the model # 11760.

P.S. HERE IS THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE DEAL! It is Gro-Well’s Product Guarantee: “If you are not completely satisfied with this quality product, Gro-Well will gladly refund the purchase price.” How could it get any better?? Get busy and place your order!