When people ask, “Exactly what is SFG?” we tend to give them a rather long explanation of how simple and easy, how economical, how green it is using a lot of fancy words.  But if we could show them the drawing above it would illustrate that old definition of a picture: it’s worth a thousand words.  This graphic truly is worth a thousand words.

SFG Advantages

The Many Advantages to SFG

If you’d like a little longer explanation and you have already seen the chart to the right about the advantages then I could add that building a box keeps your garden neat and tidy.  Filling it with Mel’s Mix gives you the most perfect soil with no weed seeds and can even be taken with you when you move.

Adding a grid is actually the most important thing a beginner must learn.  We like to say, “Without a grid, you do not have a Square Foot Garden.”  As you continue gaining experience with your SFG, you will understand how important the grid is for locating your plants and spacing them properly.  Planting and replanting becomes such a simple thing.  Besides that, your garden is going to be very attractive.  Picture now a different crop in every single square foot.  There will be vegetables in some, flowers in others and even herbs included in your SFG.  It becomes a beautiful and very attractive garden.

When I first invented this method back in 1974, I almost called it a “quilted garden method”, but my father said, “Don’t change the name from Square Foot Mel – you’ve got a real winner there.”