When I tell people that you don’t need fertilizer in Square Foot Gardening, they say, “What? Unbelievable! You can’t grow plants without fertilizer, the soil needs it.” I say, “Yes it does, and that’s why we don’t use your existing soil.” We start with our own perfect soil, and with blended compost (by blended that means that compost comes from at least five different sources). It might have some manure in there, you might have some wood products, it might have things like mushroom compost, but you need at least different five different sources.

The best kind of compost is homemade. That way, you get everything. You get all kinds of things in there, your eggshells, and your coffee grounds – not too many coffee grounds – your leftover lettuce and banana peels and apple cores. You throw in some newspaper crumpled up or shredded up, you have grass clippings dried out and put in there.  You can even put weeds in there as long as they haven’t gone to seed.  You can put in manures from any animal that does not eat meat.

But wait a minute, we’re getting too far into composting, we’re talking about fertilizers now.  You don’t have to buy fertilizers, and I don’t care whether you’re organic or chemically gardening, you don’t need fertilizer for gardening, so why buy it?  If you are going to buy fertilizer like in old fashioned row gardening, you have to learn a lot about fertilizers.  You have to learn all about their qualities, and how much you need, and when you need it, and all kinds of things.  Forget about all that education, you don’t have to do it with Square Foot Gardening.

That’s why it’s such a simple method for beginners, and it’s very expensive for fertilizers. Not only that, they’re very bad for the environment.  Especially when you over fertilize, like on farms, and it rains, and it waters into that water that is now contaminated with chemical fertilizers.  Where does that go?  It goes downhill, and what’s downhill?   A stream.  There’s water pollution.  Stream goes into a pond, the pond drains into a river, and the river drains into the ocean, or the lake.  And there goes our green attempt to save the world.

So if you don’t have to use fertilizer, it means you don’t have to buy, which saves you a trip to the store, that saves you putting on your reading glasses, and read all the parts of it, and what kinds you should use.  Saves you paying for it, and then going home, and opening it, and then you have to store it, and it’s wet, and it goes bad, and all.  All that is eliminated with Square Foot Gardening.  Any questions?  Alright, let’s go on to the next item.